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Knowing When To Hire A Bail Bond Agent

Should You Hire A Bail Bond Agent After Your Arrest?

So you’ve been arrested and you’re now investigating your different options. Derwin Griffith from Griffith Bail Bonds, a Bail Bonds Waterbury CT company explains when it is appropriate to hire a bail bond agent for your case.

Bail bond agent has plenty of roles. More importantly, they take on the responsibility of defendants who are in legal trouble. Many of the times, you cannot post bail after your arrest if it is not your first offense.

You would either have to have a parent who picks you up and effectively bails you out. Or you have the option to hire a bail bond agent. Either option should be taken seriously, as it will determine your future.

Bail Bond Agent

Not Hiring A Bail Bond Agent

You may be thinking, can’t I just save money by not hiring a bail bond agent? The answer is no. Unless it is your first offense and you’re a minor, the state of Connecticut is notorious for setting out extensive bails.

Say you were arrested in Waterbury, Connecticut and needed a Bail Bonds Waterbury CT. You would start by first assessing the price of the bail and asking family and friends to pay that bail so you can escape.

It is very clear that a Bail Bond in Waterbury CT can be very costly, upwards of $10,000. Does your family have the cash to bail you out? Or will you need an experienced bail bond agent?

A professional bail bond agent will get you out using a surety bond, a popular way to post bail with a bail bond agent.

Getting A Surety Bond With A Bail Bonds Agent

surety bond will give you the best results. The surety bond will allow your bail bond agent to get you released as a percentage of what your bail actually is.

For example, if the Connecticut Judicial system agreed on a bail of $10,000 for you… a surety bond will allow you to only pay a percentage of that number.

Surety Bonds can be 5-15% depending on the bail bond agent you work with. The lower the percentage the less you will have to pay to post bail.

If you’re interested in learning more about a surety bond click here.


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