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DWI Consequences In Connecticut

DUI Consequences in Connecticut

DUI Consequences In Connecticut

Ever wondered what consequences you would face getting a DUI in the state of Connecticut? If you’re drinking and driving you may want to read this blog post.

The state of Connecticut has been more and more strict about the policy. Beginning in the year of 2015, Connecticut put into place a strict policy on the Ignition Interlock Device. This device has been put in place to prevent you from drinking and driving again.

So, what are some of the major consequences? Here are some to look out for from a CT Bail Bond company.

Loss Of Your License For 30 – 60 Days

The first issue you will come across is losing your license. Connecticut has a no tolerance policy so when receiving a DUI charge, it is important to remember that your license will be suspended for 30-60 days.

During these 30-60 days, you cannot operate a vehicle or drive. If you’re caught driving within those 60 days, you will revisit the judge and it will be a mandatory month in prison.

Misdemeanor Or Felony Offense

Not only will you have a lost license, but you will also have a misdemeanor charge on your record. If this was your first offense it is very unlikely that you will be going to jail.

Furthermore, if this is your second offense for a DUI in Connecticut it is highly likely you will be visiting a state prison.

Why? Well because your second offense is a felony in the State Of Connecticut.

Loss Of Your Job

Another devastating thing that will happen could be the loss of your job. As many workers in Connecticut utilizing driving jobs like:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Post office
  • Delivery Jobs

With the DUI, your license will be pinged and you will not be able to work. Connecticut although, does give you a driving privilege while you’re going to court.

This driving privilege allows you to drive to and back from work.

If You’ve Been Arrested For DUI:

It’s important to contact an attorney immediately, especially if it is your second time.

If you are already in prison, contact us to get out fast and effectively

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