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Waterbury Immigration Bail Bonds

How do immigration bail bonds work exactly?

Finding the right company to properly take care of your immigration bail bonds is crucial to your success of being properly dismissed from withholding. Immigration Bonds are only available to certain detainees if they meet certain criteria.


The agency that arrests immigrants in an event of an arrest is the U.S Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE). ICE has the authority to keep the person detained until they seek legal counsel like an attorney or a bail bondsman like 247vipbailbonds. Whether ICE or an immigration judge sets the amount of bail, you can explore the difference bail options at Griffith Bail Bonds. What are the different types of Immigration bonds? Check out the infographic below that can accurately walk you through the process of getting bailed out for immigrant crimes:

Waterbury Immigration Bail Bonds


Different Types Of Immigration Bonds

Immigration Bails work a little differently than the normal bail process 

When you’re held in custody, there are two different types available for illegal aliens that have been arrested and detained. These types are:


Delivery Bond – An illegal immigrant that has been deemed with a possibility of bail based on the determination of the judge. The immigrant is not detained based on the assumption that he or she will visit court hearings to proceed with the rest of the process.


Voluntary Departure Bond – Illegal immigrants who do not even want a hearing can volunteer to actually leave the country on their own motives. This becomes ever so important if you or your lawyer feel as if your case has no chance of winning a trial.


How Much Does It Cost For An Immigration Bond?


The superior court or ICE will determine this cost. Typically the minimum of a delivery bond can be $2,000 where it can go up towards $10,000. This is why it is ever so important to contact a trusted bail bondsman in Waterbury, to get you going in the process. The sooner you begin the sooner you will be let out of jail. And most agents, like 247vipbailbonds, will allow you to go through a flexible payment arrangement to get you out from being detained and back with your family.


What Is The Process For An Immigration Bond?


The process of being released from being detained starts with 247vipbailbonds.com Our customers have two different options when it comes to getting bailed. Below is a comprehensive info graphic explaining the immigrant bail bond process:


  1. Surety bonds – this would mean your friends or family can successfully contact a bond agent to get you a surety bond. Agents typically will charge 15%-20% of the bond amount making it increasingly possible for you to be free.
  2. Cash bond – Your friends and family can pay the total amount in cash to the authorized party. The authorized party, in this case, would be ICE, or the immigration court. This payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or U.S bonds or notes.

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