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Professional Fast and Courteous Service!

Griffith Bailbonds LLC provides professional, bail bond services, that’s fast and confidential. We adhere to all of the latest industry standards to ensure that your concerns are handled efficiently and promptly. Derwin Griffith, the founder of Griffith Bailbonds LLC has been a licensed bail bondsman since 2005. He will guide you step-by-step through the bail bond process, working out suitable payment solutions while making your bail bond needs his priority. As a client of Griffith Bailbonds, you’re treated with courtesy, honesty and respect—you are valued client!

Why choose Griffith Bailbonds LLC?

Having been in practice since 2005, Derwin Griffith has the experience, compassion and integrity that’s needed to help your loved one. Mr. Griffith is knowledgeable in the latest industry standards concerning bail bond laws, arrests, court procedures, jail release requirements, and State of Connecticut requirements, including all protocols essential to help you through the process. His reputation is built on experience, capability, and ethical standards. He is prepared to provide you with the same level of service that he has demonstrated with many other satisfied clients!

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