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How Bail Bonds Work

The Bail Bond Process


  • Based on the severity of the crime, a bond/bail is placed on the defendant.
  • The bond is broken down into a case or surety bond – ie, ($10,000 bond), you can pay $10,000 out of pocket to the police station or court house and once the case is over you will get your money back minus any court costs or any fees and the person has to appear at every court date. If they don’t apper, the $10,000 is forfeited.
  • Since most people don’t have $10,000 at their disposal, they call a bondsman. This is where the surety piece comes in–a surety bondsman bonds a defendant out with the backing of an insurance company.
  • What the surety bondsman does, is ensures the state of connecticut on a promissory note that the defendant will appear at every court case. If he doesn’t, the bondsman has 6 months to find the defendant. If the defendant isn’t found, then, the bondsman is liable to the state for the $10,000 divided by 2 or $5,000 which is half the face value of the bond.
  • The bondsman will then pursue the co-signer/s or the individual/s that signed for the defendant to be released.
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